Welcome to Yamabuki Japan. We have created this website in order to share with you basic ideas, cultural norms and some traditional skills which make the japanese culture complex and beautiful.   

By presenting a sharing space divided into 3 main goals : 

♦ Share the Japanese culture and its know how,

♦ Sell Japanese handmade products based on traditional skills,

♦ Support the craftworkers with whom we will work.

We hope to highlight another aspect of Japanese culture and also bring you high end handmade products with their own history.

The team behind this project consists of 2 friends, Hinaka and Olivier. We met in Japan, devoted of the finest things and having different background we decided to establish Yamabuki Japan in 2019.


Sharing japanese culture is my dream since always. I grew up in Kyoto where many handcrafters and traditional techniques were born.

The works of handcrafters are very precise, creative and thoughtful. 

I feel they had some struggles to share their history, their products, and Japanese culture itself.

At the same time, I also feel there are many people who want to know more about japanese culture .

I would like to play a role as a bridge between japanese culture and other cultures.


Starting my professional life as an engineer, my career wasn’t suppose to set me to start a project such as Yamabuki Japan.

I started to get some interest about men fashion in 2015 through blog on internet. These blogs  generally promote the how to and the quality of clothing or accessories. This idea at the opposite of the dictates of overconsumption of today, echoed in me.

Big fan of japanese culture and knowing the undeniable quality of the products made in this country, I wanted to share and offer high end quality products which tell a story, the story of the craftman who created the product and can be with you for a lifetime.

Isn’t it nice to have a high quality object full of history?