Cherry Blossom in Japanese Culture

At the beginning of April, people gather at parks to watch cherry blossoms. They enjoy beautiful views and comfortable weather while having a barbecue, drinking, chatting, walking, and in their own way. This is called 花見(hanami). 花 means flower, in this case cherry blossom, and 見 means watching.

Why cherry blossoms do have significant meaning for Japanese people?


 Cherry blossom reminds Japanese people of the time of transition and beginning.

In most countries, schools begin in the autumn, on the other hand, Japanese schools and fiscal year start in April. Thus graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies are held at the end of March to the beginning of April, cherry blossoms season.

While cherry blossoms remind Japanese people of their old friends in schools, cities they left, and all choices they made in the past, cherry blossoms make Japanese people excited to meet new encounters, transitions, and next journey.


Cherry blossom is the symbol of Japanese beauty

Japanese people find beauty in perpetual changing phenomena rather than gorgeous and luxurious views.

Cherry blossoms are the most famous example of perpetual beauty. People can enjoy the view of cherry blossoms only 2 weeks, which makes cherry blossoms more precious.

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The Best Month of Cherry Blossom

In most major cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, cherry blossoms start to bloom at the end of March to early April, which is regarded as hanami season.

However, you can enjoy cherry blossoms in different months in different places.

The earliest cherry blossoms in Japan start to bloom in Okinawa at the beginning of February, and the latest ones start to bloom in May in Hokkaido.

Therefore, even if you miss an opportunity to watch cherry blossoms in some cities, there are still some alternative cities you can enjoy cherry blossoms.

There are many famous spots for cherry blossoms but here we would like to share 3 recommendations.

Modern Buildings and Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

In a big city Tokyo, the combination between modern buildings and Japanese old symbol cherry blossoms is beautiful.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Even at night, this city is bright and crowded. People gather at parks to enjoy the different versions of cherry blossoms from daytime.

Meguno River

Speaking of parks, there are many famous parks for hanami in Tokyo.

For example, you can enjoy cherry blossoms on the boat in the Chidorigafuchi Park.

Chidorigafuchi Park


Old Architecture and Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto

If you visit Japan, you can’t miss Kyoto.

All temples, shrines, rivers, small streets, make you eager to take pictures.


Old traditional architecture enhance the attraction of cherry blossoms, and you will see why cherry blossom is a symbol of Japanese culture.

Heian Jingu


Mount. Fuji and Cherry Blossoms

At last but not least, cherry blossoms look stunning with the highest mountain in Japan.

Not only tourist famous spots but also small streets become dramatic in the cherry blossom season.



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